TUAT Kuroda Lab.


Input a single protein sequence
using single-letter AA code.
Input more than 80 and less than 2,000 residues.
You can use only AA code,
space and return keys for sequence.
# of predicted linkers

Ebina T, Suzuki R, Tsuji R, Kuroda Y.
H-DROP: an SVM based helical domain linker predictor trained with features optimized by combining random forest
and stepwise selection, J Comput Aided Mol Des, 28(8):831-839 (2014)

Richa T, Soichiro I, Suzuki R, Ebina T, and Kuroda Y.
Fast H-DROP: A thirty times accelerated version of H-DROP for interactive SVM-based prediction of helical domain linkers,
J Comput Aided Mol Des, 31(2):237-244 (2017)

The training dataset is available here: traning_dataset
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